Make next level success
 your identity and
living at your highest potential
a habit.

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Next Level Mindset.

Next Level Identity.

Next Level Success.

June 30th, July 5th & 7th
 at 12 pm CST

Are you ready for
next level success
every time
you step into
your next level,
your next phase or
your next chapter?

Imagine this...

  • You’re making the impact in your career that only you can make. You are recognized for your unique contribution. You are respected and you are rewarded.

  • You’re experiencing the progress in your life and career that you have been working for and dreaming about for a long time.

  • You have time for your passion projects and you’re making difference.

  • You’re feeling energized, inspired and enthusiastic. And you’re surrounded by others who are doing and feeling the same.

  • You have a cooperative and collaborative inner circle of friends and colleagues who you are learning from and who are supportive.

  • You’re experiencing the mental freedom to make decisions without hesitation.

  • You’re prioritizing you and self-care is your life rather than an addition to an already full and busy schedule.

It’s all possible. And it happens when you repattern your thinking to optimize decision making to align with bold action to create that life.

When you develop mindset mastery so that you can live unconfined and lead in your brilliance.


Should you attend?

Of course!

Because this is for you if you want to move on from ambitious dreamer to high achiever. So, yes!

And it’s for you if…

You know you want and are meant for more, but you’ve settled into the comfort of the familiar.

And it’s for you if…

Your thoughts are on something bigger, better and more aligned with who you are but the uncertainty of the unfamiliar causes you to hesitate and take it slow.

And if…

You’re having the same life and career experience year-after-year, you’re ready for a transition but would love a framework to ensure a high-level certainty for positive outcomes you are imagining and you know you can create.

Why you should attend

Your extraordinary success will happen only when you master transitions. When you step into the next level you.

The mistake most people make when they step into their new level of life, career or business... that they neglect to level up their mindset and their identity... that they can achieve next level results and next level success.

Don’t make that mistake.

Look. You’ll have next level challenges, that require next level thinking and responses.

You’ll have next level objectives and goals which require a new level of approach.

You’ll interact and engage with others with next level identity.

You’ll need to develop your Next Level Mindset and your Next Level Identity for your Next Level Success.

Learn the framework
to transition and level up


The 5 day schedule

Day 1 - Managing Thought - Next Level Thinking

Day 2 - Next Level You - Your Future Self

Day 3 - The Transition Model to Expand Your Zone of Comfort so that You Take Bold Action

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Develop a Powerfully Positive Mindset


Next Level Mindset, Next Level Identity and Next Level Success

June 30th, July 5th & 7th
12 pm CST

Experience transformation not just information.

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Why now?

There has never been a better time.

There is so much change happening and so many opportunities.

A really good time to move forward from ambition and imaging what’s possible to high achiever, no matter what.

The world needs more positive people doing this.

Why this is important

Because people do not rise above or beyond:

  • their beliefs about what’s possible for them,
  • their beliefs about how they fit in the world and how the world will respond to them,
  • the level of their true, subconscious, unfiltered opinion of their capability to do so with certainty and the weight of other people's opinions about them,
  • their ability to transition smoothly into the next level and expand their zone of genius and comfort.


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Here's what we'll cover together


Day 1 – Managing Thought - Next Level Thinking

Let’s shed thinking that leads to distraction, procrastination and overwhelm. The thoughts that waste time, drain mental energy and delay your success.

Replace them with a framework of thinking for powerful decision making, creative problem solving and persistent progress.

When you shine a light on the thinking that confines you and you improve the thoughts you think and how you think, you’ll make the best choices to create the best circumstances for your success.

Let’s establish a habit of choosing the powerful thoughts to take the bold action and make the choices that align with where you are going, in your life and career or business.

Because it is incredibly powerful to control your thoughts than let your thoughts control you.


Day 2 – Next Level You -Your Future Self

You can’t wait until you get there to begin to become your future self.

Most people neglect to adjust their identity to match who they are becoming. They make decisions and show up as they were in their last phase of life. But this is a mistake that causes them to stall, make mistakes and struggle.

Success at your next level means releasing the identity of your past and developing your identity of your future self, or your next phase at least.

That does not mean to leave the wisdom of your experience. It just means knowing what to leave in the past. The things that will trip you in the future.

You will not make the same decisions at your next level or phase of your life or career as you did in the past.

And because you attract who you are being, you’ll want your make decisions and choose responses driven by your vision of your future.


Day 3 – The Transition Model to Expand Your Zone of Comfort

Life transitions denote a point of setting up for a level up.

Or a pivot toward a new phase.

The average number of disruptions an individual can experience during their adult life is around 36.

A few are at the level of disorientation and require a while to establish a new normal.

But most signify an opportunity for something new and better.

On day 3 we’ll look at a framework for how to look at transitions with clarity about what to expect and how you can respond to minimize the stress and anxiety and maximize the benefits.