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I am a former pharmacist currently dedicated to helping people to expand what they believe is possible for their life. To live an unconfined life, unburdened and undaunted by the challenges that inevitably enter each of our lives.

I'd love to work with you to help you to develop a powerfully positive mindset to surpass your goals.

I’ll teach you the tools to help you to live and work from a positive perspective.

You’ll experience a transformation of mindset, step beyond your comfort zone and escape imposter syndrome with confidence and experience the success that you know you deserve.

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Leanna Butterfield Cruz

Founder, Living Positively Successful

I believe we each want to wake every day feeling connected, inspired and on fire to contribute the best of who we are, boldly and confidently.
I believe our life is our curriculum for us to consistently level up to experience the success intended for us.
I believe the key to extraordinary success in to develop a powerfully positive mindset.
It is the only way to navigate challenges and expand what we believe is possible.

What I know...

  • Challenges are the path to living life at our highest potential.
  • We each have the responsibility to show up with the intent to contribute our best and live our best.
  • That greatness is in each of us, just waiting to be unveiled.
  • You don’t need to wait for a title or permission to be a leader.
  • Adaptability is essential to contributing in changing times.
  • Collaboration is vital to improve the lives of those we accept the responsibility to serve.
  • The positive power of collaboration is the key success, innovation, improvement and conquering challenges, because you just cannot experience extraordinary success alone.
  • Relationships offer insight to guide us to develop the character that aligns with the success we seek.

What I've Learned


Possibility is intriguing and requires you to step into the unknown.

Clarity of purpose is a source of confidence and makes decision making easy.

Curiosity facilitates creative problem-solving strategies to navigate challenges.

We aren’t strangers.

Collaboration is always the answer.

You need to lead in order to convince others to support new ideas.

Personal development with an emphasis on soft skills and self-mastery are the key to collaboration, cooperation and career and life satisfaction.